As a coach, I accompany managers in questions of managing their current role but also in their personal development. If you wish, you can reflect with me on fundamental questions about your role, discuss personal perspectives and work on experiencing more fulfilment and satisfaction in your everyday work.

My coaching sessions go beyond developing short-term solutions to current challenges. Personal growth in line with one’s own personality, needs and values is the focus.

I mainly work with my clients on the following topics:

Shaping and developing leadership in keeping with the times

The definition of “good leadership” is constantly and dynamically evolving. Digital transformation, agile forms of work, innovation and cost pressure require new forms of leadership and cooperation.

Virtual or hybrid leadership, lateral leadership, improving cooperation in teams or dealing with time and performance constraints are just some of the challenges you face as a leader. From the variety of possible solutions, we work with you in coaching to develop the right path for you to successfully shape your specific leadership task. This path must fit you, your team and your company in order to be successful.

Conflicts may also characterize your everyday management: conflicts in the team, competitive situations or personal conflicts about goals and values. We also work on a solution to these individually, confidentially and target-oriented.

The goal of our cooperation should always be the best possible solution – both from a business perspective and for you as a personality.

You can expect up-to-date management knowledge, fresh impulses and open sparring from me on equal footing:

Leading confidently in a Franco-German environment

France and Germany are closely linked politically, economically and culturally. For many, the partner country seems very familiar due to the Franco-German friendship that has developed over decades and the initiatives that have resulted from it.

Nevertheless, as a manager in the Franco-German environment, you repeatedly experience unexpected challenging situations. You feel that you are reaching your limits with your previous leadership approach, even if it is supposedly state-of-the-art.

In coaching, we work to expand your intercultural leadership skills and develop targeted solutions for your current tasks and possible conflicts. We always keep an eye on your specific company situation and the individual personalities of your superiors, colleagues and employees.

Depending on your company’s needs, we deal intensively with essential cultural differences, for example, in the following areas:

  • Communication style
  • Teamwork and delegation
  • Building effective working relationships and networking
  • Motivation and trust
  • Dealing with authority and power
  • Decision-making processes
  • Meeting culture
  • Structure and flexibility
  • Time management

Benefit from my own many years of experience as a German manager in France and as a consultant in German-French companies, as well as my profound knowledge of intercultural business psychology.

Successful in complex power structures

You know how it is: the best technical solution does not always prevail; the most qualified candidate does not always get the coveted position. Companies are complex systems in which people often pursue their own hidden agenda, unwritten rules of the game apply, and corporate policy guard rails have to be observed.

In coaching, we work on becoming aware of these multi-layered structures and dynamics. And we decipher the obvious and hidden drivers of the various actors.

Those who have understood these mechanisms can use the insights gained strategically to achieve their own goals and positioning. He or she does not become a pawn in the power struggles of others, but an active shaper of his or her own issues and career.

An essential element is also to understand one’s own role and impact in the system and to recognise system-immanent limits. This prevents hopeless struggles and stressful defeats.

Due to my own long corporate career, I know about the diverse power dynamics in companies and projects and accompany my clients in a goal-oriented and analytical way to successfully go their way in their system.

Value-based leadership

In times of increasing volatility and complexity and decreasing hierarchical authority, value-based leadership becomes more and more important.

The key to successful values-based leadership is one’s own personality, which understands leadership as a role model and offers employees meaning and orientation as well as credibly exemplifies the corporate values.

Value-oriented leaders create a working atmosphere that allows the individual to develop, that is characterised by respect and in which trust, integrity and reliability are exemplified.

At the same time, they take entrepreneurial decisions that are not measured by economic success alone. Sustainability, ecological compatibility and social responsibility are values that are increasingly becoming the measure by which investors, supervisory bodies, employees and finally the whole society judge an organization.

In the end, the objective is to get from value to value creation.

In order to meet these expectations, it is essential to engage with one’s own values. My coaching sessions open up a space away from the hustle and bustle of the day to reflect on fundamental questions such as

What values do I stand for?

What values should my company, my department stand for?

How can I transform values I see in everyday work and communicate them in a generally understandable way?

How do I deal with behaviour that does not conform to these values?

Where do I find orientation for myself?

What demands do I personally face that are not in line with my values? To what extent can this be shaped?

Where must I and want to set limits or draw consequences?

Positive Leadership

Positive Leadership transfers the scientific findings of positive psychology into the field of leadership. Positive psychology is a relatively new, evidence-based discipline of psychology.

Leadership that makes use of the findings of positive psychology leads to an increase in personal psychological well-being, better performance, more fulfilment and a sense of purpose, both for the leader himself and for the employees he leads. This is evidenced by a multitude of scientific studies.

In coaching, we work on the concrete implementation of the principles of positive leadership in your work environment. Working with your personal strengths and those of your employees as well as with the principles of “PERMA” is of particular importance.

Martin Seligman, one of the pioneers of positive psychology, developed “PERMA”, a model that describes the essential building blocks of a successful life. This model has since been further developed into the PERMA Lead Concept, which offers a concrete framework for implementing the findings in everyday business life.

PERMA is an acronym made up of the letters of 5 principles and stands for: Positive Emotions – Engagement – Relationships – Meaning – Accomplishment.

These narrow confines to not allow me to give a profound insight into my coaching based on positive psychology. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested.

Further development as a leader

You already have significant leadership responsibility and want to develop yourself further. You feel that the next step requires different skills and more visibility. You may also be asking yourself what personal price you are willing to pay for the next career step.

In coaching, we work on all the issues that concern you in a targeted manner.

This can start at the professional level: how do I manage to leave behind the role of the technical or functional best and develop into a real leader? What skills and competences do I need to develop along the way and how can I do it?

It is at least as important to deal with questions of personal visibility and positioning. How do I engage in genuine relationship management that goes beyond classic networking? Where and how do I become visible inside and outside the company? What topics and tasks do I want to stand for and be noticed for? How do I communicate adequately about myself, my successes and goals?

Personal development also means a deeper reflection on one’s own personality: only those who are aware of their drivers, wishes and needs can decide on a career step that really suits their own person.


Only those who can lead themselves well can lead others successfully. Learning to lead oneself is therefore both a prerequisite and one of the greatest challenges for all those who want to act confidently and with self-determination in an exposed role as a leader.

Good self-leadership requires a fundamental examination of one’s own personality. Those who are aware of their own strengths can use them purposefully. Those who have understood their patterns of behavior that do not serve their purpose can gradually eliminate them.

In coaching, we work on becoming aware of one’s own inner drivers and beliefs, understanding one’s biographical dowry, and exploring what one’s motivation is drawn from. In addition, we focus on keeping sight of one’s own wishes and needs and setting necessary boundaries despite the physically and psychologically demanding leadership task.

By using appropriate methods, you will learn to improve your self-awareness and to be able, in difficult situations, to distance yourself from your own emotions and spontaneous impulses to act. This enables you to make confident decisions under pressure and not to torpedo your own goals through spontaneous reactions.

Ultimately, this path leads you to inner freedom, which enables you to act independently and self-determined and to provide orientation to others.

I often work with:

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Middle and upper management in corporations and medium-sized companies; Management consultants

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Lawyers at all career levels, including managing partners; Company attorneys and association attorneys

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German-French managers

Managers in an international environment who face particular challenges in Franco-German cooperation


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