HR is what I live and breathe – for more than 2 decades, I have shaped international HR management in large companies and corporations.

Today, as a self-employed consultant, I provide expertise covering the entire spectrum of HR for start-ups and smaller companies that do not have their own HR department.

I also take on individual projects. As an HR generalist, the services I provide range from advice on strategy in international HR to the implementation of individual operations projects, such as recruiting projects.

My expertise in the German-French environment allows me to offer a special focus on German-French HR issues. I have helped companies implement intercultural HR projects, advised start-ups and managing directors on all relevant HR issues when moving to another country and supported subsequent development projects.

You, too, can benefit from my extensive network of HR professionals and my own business expertise in Germany and France.


Would you like to find out more about my consulting services in human resources?

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