Career coaching and career counselling

The model of a classic hierarchical career is largely outdated; career paths today are diverse and characterised by breaks. A career is not an end in itself, but should correspond to one’s own values and life model. In the multitude of possibilities, it is often difficult to recognise and find the path that brings satsifaction in the long run.

On the other hand, the job application and labour market is still determined by a multitude of obvious and hidden rules . Only those who know these and act accordingly can ultimately find the right position. Digitalisation and social media are fundamentally changing recruitment processes. This also requires a rethink on the part of applicants. Self-presentation and positioning take place in a variety of ways and there are considerable differences depending on the sector.

I accompany you in finding a fulfilling job. And I support you in all steps up to a successful start in the new position.

Reorientation in your career

You have reached a certain point in your career where you are increasingly asking yourself: am I still on the right track?

Many thoughts and ideas run through your head that do not add up to a concrete solution. You are unsure of what you are really capable of and what you want, and you are looking for alternatives to your current path. You are looking for orientation and guidance towards a professional future that fulfils you and is in harmony with your life goals.

Our cooperation begins with an individual assessment of your current situation. Based on your questions, we analyse together where your personal strengths and values lie, what motivates you and makes you unique.

Then we develop your life vision: the “big picture”. You will recognise what is really important to you, what you would like to achieve in life and the importance of career in your life model.

Based on this, we will work out possible options for your next career step. In doing so, we take into account both your personal goals and the rules of the labour market. And in the end, we work out your personal implementation plan – step by step and very concretely.

Shaping your legal career in a self-determined way

You are a lawyer and are experiencing increasing dissatisfaction in your current job, perhaps even a lack of perspective? You ask yourself: is this still my career path? Many thoughts keep running through your head and you seem unable to find a satisfactory solution. Perhaps your current workload does not give you the freedom to address your wishes and needs.

You know that a legal career has its own rules of the game, some of which differ significantly from the general rules of the labor market. At the same time, you are unsure what alternatives there are to your current function. And above all, there is the question of which job really suits you and fulfills you in the long term?

This is precisely where our collaboration in the area of career coaching begins. We work together jointly to help make you aware of your personal strengths and needs and, if necessary, tackle your long-term life goals. Building on this, we develop concrete and realistic steps that will lead you to a fulfilling professional role.

Are you concerned about other issues in your legal career? Let’s talk about them!

As a lawyer and HR expert, I have been familiar with the peculiarities of the legal world of work for decades. I speak your language and understand the dynamics of your world.

Strategic career planning

Are you currently contemplating a new position and unsure whether this step makes sense for your career?

Or you already know your overall career goal and are wondering what is the quickest way to reach it?

Perhaps you have reached a turning point in your career and would like to change lanes, perhaps even downsize your responsibilities?

Then let us work on these issues professionally and precisely. We combine different approaches from coaching and classical counselling.

The focus is always on your wishes and needs. At the same time, we keep an eye on the open and hidden rules of the labour market at all times, so that in the end there is a feasible solution.

Application coaching and counselling

You want to change your job and are unsure whether your application documents are really persuasive and up to date?

The decisive job interview, an audit or assessment centre is coming up and you want to optimally prepare yourself for it?

You haven’t applied for a job in a long time and are asking yourself, where can I find the right offers? Who are the right headhunters for my profile and how do I approach them?

Then let us work together professionally on all questions concerning your application. You decide on which individual steps of my counseling you would like to take advantage of.

This can be in the following areas, for example:

  • Creating contemporary application documents that clear the hurdles of AI-based applicant management systems with ease.
  • Optimising your social media profiles so that headhunters and recruiters take notice of you.
  • Development of the optimal search strategy
  • Perfect preparation for interviews and selection processes in terms of content
  • Support during salary and contract negotiations

Design of a successful start in the new position

  1. Erstellung von zeitgemäßen Bewerbungsunterlagen, die die Hürden der KI-basierten Bewerbermanagement-Systeme mit Leichtigkeit nehmen.
  2. Optimierung Ihre Social-Media Profile, so dass Headhunter und Recruiter auf Sie aufmerksam werden.
  3. Erarbeitung der optimalen Suchstrategie
  4. Inhaltich perfekte Vorbereitung auf Interviews und Auswahlverfahren
  5. Begleitung bei den Gehalts- und Vertragsverhandlungen
  6. Gestaltung des erfolgreichen Starts in der neuen Position

Outplacement / Newplacement

Are you facing a professional reorientation and looking for personal guidance on the way to a new job?

Maybe your last job change was a long time ago and you are uncertain about your prospects on the job market?

I accompany my clients professionally and individually in all phases of professional reorientation – from the separation process with the old employer to a successful start in the new role.

Unlike traditional outplacement consultants, you do not have to book a complete service package with me. You decide for which individual steps you would like to take advantage of my counselling. And we don’t work with standard concepts, but rather in a very personal and tailor-made way precisely on your topics.

Due to my focus on senior management positions, you can expect profound knowledge of the processes and dynamics of a professional reorientation at this level. In addition, you benefit from my personal network of Headhunters and decision-makers.

I often work with:

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Senior managers who are looking for new professional perspectives or are planning a career change

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German-French managers

German and French executives who are looking for a new professional perspective in the other country or in a Franco-German environment

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Lawyers with different backgrounds who want to give their career a new direction

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Women with ambition

Female managers in middle and upper management who want to develop their career in a targeted way; women with the goal of becoming supervisory board members


Are you interested in career counselling?

If so, please send me a short message here and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

We can then discuss details.