Antworten auf häufig gestellte Fragen

Below I have listed some questions that in my experience often come up at the beginning of a cooperation.

How should I contact you?

Simply send me a short message using the contact form on this website. I will then contact you immediately by e-mail and we will arrange a telephone or video appointment where we can discuss your request and our possible cooperation without obligation.

Can I meet you in person?

Before you decide to work with me, we can get to know each other in advance in a video session. This appointment is non-binding and free of charge. Check in this conversation whether the chemistry between us fits, only then can coaching unfold its full effect.

In which languages do you work?

My working languages are German, French and English.

Where does the coaching take place?

You decide whether you prefer face-to-face or video coaching. Hybrid forms of cooperation are also possible.

I work online with all common communication platforms.

The face-to-face coaching sessions take place in my coaching room in Munich. If required, I can also come to your company or another location by arrangement.

Do you also work for private clients (self-pay)?

I work for private clients as well as for companies and law firms.

How does a coaching process work?

Every coaching process is unique, as unique as every client and his or her concerns. At the beginning of each process, there is always the so-called “clarification of the mandate”, i.e. a common understanding of what the specific concern is and what the result should be at the end of the process. Only then do I plan the individual steps of our cooperation.

How long does a coaching process take?

Every coaching process is an individual journey whose duration depends on various factors. Only after getting to know each other personally and clarifying the assignment can I estimate approximately how long the process will take. In my experience, many topics can be successfully dealt with in approx. 5-6 coaching sessions of 2 hours each when working together for the first time.

Can you also advise me if I only have a one-off need?

Yes – Especially in the case of application counselling, a single appointment is sometimes sufficient to comprehensively clarify all questions.

What are your contract terms?

Although I am a lawyer, my coaching contracts are lean and without complicated contractual clauses, because coaching is a matter of trust. Only if you feel that you are in the right hands with me with your concerns can the process be successful. I therefore offer my clients the possibility to end the coaching process at any time without cause.


Are you considering whether you would like to work together with me? Then we should talk about it in person and get to know each other.